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Why EHR’s Are Needed Part 2

Need for Improved Efficiency and Productivity The goal is to have patient information available to anyone who needs it, when they need it and where they need it. With an EHR, lab results can be retrieved much more rapidly, thus saving time and money. It should be pointed out however, that reducing duplicated tests benefits […]

Why Electronic Health Records Are Needed. A Three Part Series

Why Electronic Health Records Are Needed. A Three Part Series The following are the most significant reasons why our healthcare system would benefit from the widespread transition from paper to electronic health records. Paper Records Are Severely Limited Much of what can be said about handwritten prescriptions can also be said about handwritten office notes. […]

How To Get the Most Out Of Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records and save time and money for your practice. By increasing productivity for your staff and reducing the amount of time people spend in your office. Use these tips to get the most out of your investment. – Enable staff to get meaning from the data. Having the data is necessary but not […]

States Trying To Increase Patient Access To EHRs

A portion of an investment approaching $1 billion, made by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, will go toward stimulating the practice of tele health and increasing patient access to EHRs. An Accenture report analyzes how states that created State Health Innovation Plans as part of CMS’ State Innovation Models Initiative are planning to assign the […]

Why Patient EHR Portals Can Lead To Better Health

Though many doctors maybe late to the party, this year patients can expect more doctors to join banks, credit card companies, insurance companies and probably even supermarkets and hairdressers in connecting with their clients/patients online, according to Consumer Reports. As a doctor it is your duty to give your patients the best access to care […]

Why Make The EHR Switch?

Electronic health records, or EHRs, are the computer-based equivalent of paper records. Rather than depending on paper charts to store your patient information, EHRs are digitized, and can be accessed onscreen from a variety of locations. There are many reasons why electronic health records have the advantage over paper records for your practice. Accuracy: Sometimes, an […]

Electronic Health Records VS Paper Records

If you have not started looking into switching from paper records to Electronic Health Records now might be the right time to. If you need funding to help with your switch give EHR Funding a call today at 866-203-3260 today and speak with one of our funding specialists.

Why Do I Need An EHR Program For My Office?

The EHR incentive program was developed in large part with a focus on the solo health care practitioners. There is much consensus that moving to an EHR system can be instrumental in improving patient health care quality on the grand scale. However, it was well acknowledged by legislators, consumer groups and others that without a […]

How switching to an EHR Helps You’re Nursing Staff

As of January 1, 2014 a federal mandate required that all public and private healthcare providers transition to digital record keeping. The move stemmed mostly from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which offered incentives to healthcare providers that could demonstrate “meaningful use” of electronic heath records (EHR). According to HealthIT.gov, meaningful use includes […]