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Studies Show Electronic Health Record Use Leads to Better Care

Doctors who go digital do appear to provide significantly better health care, researchers from Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, reported in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. US health authorities as well as the federal government itself are pushing doctors, clinics and health centers to move into the digital world. The US government has […]

What Advantages do Electronic Health Records Provide?

Having Electronic Health Records in your can give you the ability to exchange health information electronically and can help your organization provide higher quality and safer care for patients while creating tangible enhancements for your clinic. Electronic Health Records help providers just like you provide better manage care for patients and provide better health care by: […]

Would Lives Be Saved if Social & Behavorial Data Were in Electronic Health Records?

If social and behavioral data were included in electronic medial recorders if could help nurses and physicians have a better picture of the patient’s health. Social and behavioral data provide crucial information about factors that influence health and effectiveness of treatment and should be incorporated into patient electronic health records (EHR), according to a new […]

Electronic Health Records and Patient Care

When her 5-week-old daughter Scarlett was hospitalized in March with a potentially life-threatening respiratory virus, Melissa Marote of Canoga Park, Calif., was too distraught to remember everything the doctors and nurses told her. Fortunately, she was able to access her daughter’s complete medical records, 24 hours a day, via computer or smartphone through a member […]

Is Telehealth Finally Here?

According to an article published in the Herald Journal, the history of telemedicine can be traced back to the 1920s, when patients on ships at sea would connect with physicians on shore through radios. With innovation in technology, telemedicine services were provided through interactive television in the 1970s and via video conferencing in the age […]

Mobile Health and Electronic Health Records

Mobile Health and EHRs are intersecting in creative ways, as evidenced by an Atlanta company’s new iPad-enabled platform for the home health and hospice market. Brightree recently unveiled the EHR point-of-care app, calling it the first “native iOS app” for home health and hospice agencies. Specialty-specific platforms are a hot commodity, and many are being developed as […]

More Electronic Health Records Funding

With basic health IT now near-ubiquitous across healthcare, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell has announced substantial new funding meant to help practices put that technology to work delivering value-based care. The $840 million Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative will roll out over the next four years in support of some 150,000 clinicians nationwide. HHS sees […]

Electronic Health Records Twitter Feeds?

It won’t be long before every patient has a Twitter feed, and doctors subscribe to them for real-time updates. This is a time when the demands of being a physician are changing, and we need to leverage technology to maintain awareness of a huge number of patients. There is also increasing need for handoffs and […]

More Clinicians Seek Mobile Access to EHRs

A new survey commissioned by EHR technology consultancy Software Advice in collaboration with digital data collection company, Research Now, suggests an ever growing demand for clinicians to be able to access patient data on mobile devices. The survey, which is on-going, has already logged 400 respondents from small (3 or fewer doctors) to large (11 […]