How To Get the Most Out Of Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records and save time and money for your practice. By increasing productivity for your staff and reducing the amount of time people spend in your office. Use these tips to get the most out of your investment.

– Enable staff to get meaning from the data. Having the data is necessary but not sufficient. Physicians need to understand the full history of the patient without having to dig through tons of records. Software needs to do the work of delivering the essential patient narrative.

– Activate clinical intelligence. Make data extractable at the optimal time in the clinical workflow. A lot of data stays in the record but is never utilized because it is located in multiple places in the record. This leads to sub-optimal patient outcomes and over-utilization of resources.

– Learn from your encounters. Implement a technology that helps you get better and better. Make sure to find an EHR that will be easy to implement and easy to use.

– Combat medical errors. Use EHRs to catch potential issues in advance. Look for risk factors associated with the particular procedure (such as metal in the body for an MRI) and improve patient safety. This type of advance planning eliminates last minute cancellations that could have been avoided.

– Eliminate repeat tests and associated costs. As much as a third of healthcare spending in the US is due to unnecessary procedures and tests. Many physicians may be unaware that the same test had been ordered a few weeks or months prior to the patient’s visit. Insurance companies do not necessarily pay for the second test. Awareness of prior tests and procedures is critical to reduce costs and burden on the patient.

– Find clinical documentation to support the reimbursement level you deserve. Reimbursement is increasingly tied to proper documentation of diagnoses and procedures.

If you have not yet installed and EHR system in your office and you are trying to figure out how to get the funding needed to get it going. Give EHR Funding a call today and we will set you on the right track. Our government funding specialists are here to help you get the funding needed from the HI-Tech act. Give us a call today at 866-203-3260.

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