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What Are the Goals of Health IT and EHRs?

The overall goal of health IT is to improve safety and the quality of patient outcomes. The promise of fully implemented EHRs is having a single record including all of a patient’s health information: a record that is up to date, complete, and accurate. By implementing electronic health records in your office it will put you, the health care provider, in a position to work better to make the most informed decisions about your patient’s care.

Providers who utilize EHRs report noticeable improvements in their ability to make decisions with more unified information. EHR use can give health care providers:

  • Complete patient information – This enables providers to make the best decisions, by providing the information they need to evaluate a patient’s condition in the context of the patient’s health and treatment history.
  • Emergency Care – In a crisis, EHRs can provide access to a patient’s medical history, allergies, and medication. This enables health care providers to make decisions sooner, instead of waiting for test results.
  • Improved Care Coordination –EHR use permits health care providers to provide coordinated health care for patients with diabetes and other chronic conditions.
  • Improved Information Sharing – EHR use allows patients and their families to participate in decisions about their health care.

EHRs are also useful for flagging potentially dangerous drug interactions and allergies, and lets physicians explore alternatives before a serious problem occurs. You the physician can verify medications and dosages, reducing the need for risky tests and procedures. This could save you the physician and the patient a lot of time and money.

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